Caramel Crunch Rocky Road

A recipe by Nadiya Bakes

Yummm caramel.

Our 3rd recipe from Nadiya Bakes is on page 56; Caramel Crunch Rocky Road. Check out below for tips and suggestions. Make sure you read ALL suggestions on this recipe before you start to make these squares.

Step one

  1. I used 5 twix bars
  2. You really can use any chocolate bar you like (I do suggest one with cookies per Nadiya’s suggestion)
  3. Depending on what chocolate bar you use , take a look at the bottom of the bar
  4. If you plan to flip square over then I suggest putting the chocolate bar pieces upside down in pan
  5. It makes more sense to sprinkle breadsticks pieces on top of candy bar pieces instead of mixing into melted chocolate
  6. If you mix into melted chocolate it is very difficult to spread
  7. Use a high quality dark chocolate (no candy melts)
  8. My preference when melting chocolate will ALWAYS be on a double boiler (small amount of water in bottom pan- heat to a slow simmer). Use a heat safe bowl and melt chocolate,butter,syrup on top of pot
  9. 2 tablespoons of golden syrup equals 41grams
  10. Always BEST to scale all your ingredients

Step 2

  1. The recipe calls for breadsticks, I wanted something with a little more flavour so I used Pop Daddy Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks.  Feel free to use breadsticks per recipe
  2. I used macadamia nuts (my moms favourite) but really any nut will work
    ** ALWAYS toast your nuts before adding to a recipe** oven at 350 for 6-8min. Don’t make my mistake (I got lazy and didn’t chop my nuts) this made it very difficult to cut the square
  3.  I added an extra layer to this recipe of Ghiradelli caramel squares. I used 16 squares and layered them on top of nuts
    TOTALLY not necessary but I had them in the cupboard and I wanted something in the square that would be gooey. You could also pour some caramel sauce overtop of nuts instead of Ghiradelli squares.

Third step

  1. Please use high quality white chocolate (no candy melts)
  2. White chocolate is extremely finicky, I DO NOT suggest melting in microwave
  3. Melt slow in double boiler (see step 2)
  4.  I am not sure what white chocolate is like in the UK but under NO circumstances should you add water to your chocolate. It will instantly seize and be one clump of grossness.
  5. I suggest sprinkling dried fruit over your first layer from the fridge and pouring chocolate mixture over INSTEAD of mixing into chocolate
  6. If you mix into chocolate it is very difficult to spread
  7. As you can see by photo I couldn’t get enough chocolate to cover my square completely- this is due in part to method as well as I believe white chocolate should be increased to 180grams instead of 150grams

The Results

My over all rating is 3 out of 5. I would not make this recipe again
There are much better chocolate square recipes. If you want a better recipe, let me know and I will give you one of mine. If you do choose to make this recipe please follow my tips especially on melting chocolate. (see above)


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