Cherry Chelsea Buns

A recipe by Nadiya Bakes

Cherry + Buns oh my!

Our second recipe from our first cookbook;  Nadiya Bakes is Cherry Chelsea Buns on page 184. If you haven't picked up her book yet we are teaming up with @bettysbookshelf in St.Marys where you can pre-order this cookbook. 

This recipe had me at buns. Everyone knows me for our Cinnamon buns so I had to put these through the test. 

Tips before starting

cherry almond chelsea buns
  1. I used Presidents Choice Berry Cherry Blend
    - I soaked blend in Orange Juice instead of water (adds a nice subtle orange flavour to filling)
    - I soaked for 24hrs
  2. Egg should be at room temperature
  3. Butter MUST be at room temperature
  4.  Milk should be warm- not hot to touch
  5.  I would recommend the following changes to ingredient mixing
    - add all dry ingredients to your mixing bowl (give it a couple swirls to combine)
    - add egg and milk together and mix until combined - then add to dry ingredients
    - mix with dough hook on low speed for 4min
    - add chopped butter and mix for about 1min to combine
    - with dough hook on high mix for 6-10min
    (See the video below to to check if dough is ready)
  6. Spray a large bowl (2 times larger than dough) with baking spray
  7.  Flour a surface and empty dough and form a rough ball
  8. Place dough in prepared bowl and place a greased plastic wrap on top
  9. Place in a warm spot until dough has doubled in size

The window pane test

Here is a test to see if your dough has been kneaded enough. It’s called the windowpane test.


Measuring Tips

If you want to use a scale for all ingredients (which I will ALWAYS recommend) here are conversions

cherry almond chelsea buns -2
Almond extract - 4grams
Butter - 28grams
Sugar- 25grams
NOTE: I added toasted sliced almonds to my filling - 60grams

rolling and cutting

Here are directions on rolling, filling and cutting your buns. I always bake in a sided pan (9X13) will work here.
I would recommend baking at 375 instead of 350. 20 minutes was not long enough when I baked them - they were still doughy in the centre. Take out buns at 20 mins and gently spread spiral to see if they are cooked through. Mine took about 30 minutes, but keep in mind everyone’s oven is different.

The Results

I would rate this recipe 3 out of 5. I personally would not make again, but if you like berry type bread it’s a good recipe.


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