Chewy Chocolate Krispy Square

A recipe by Nadiya Bakes

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Our 14th recipe from Nadiya Bakes is Chewy Chocolate Krispy Squares found on page 59. 

Now I don’t want to say I am an expert at making this type of square, BUT I have made hundreds of krispy treats for the bakery. There are serious flaws in this recipe. 

The one treat I made for bakery that sold out super quickly was my KitKat square. If you want an excellent krispy square, see this recipe at end of the post.


My chocolate bar of choice was Snickers, I wanted something that had some crunch.


The ratio of chocolate to rice krispy is completely off. I would have to make this recipe again to give you exact measurements, but if you are keen to make, my best guess is below:

Chocolate bar pieces that get melted into krispy is currently 160grams, I would increase to 240grams

Reduce krispy to 8 cups




Finished Krispy

For my krispy I adjusted the topping. I wanted a thicker chocolate topping, with a peanut flavour.
350grams milk chocolate/365 grams peanut butter

- melt chocolate and peanut butter in saucepan over low heat, until you have a smooth mixture

- pour over krispy base

- I added some crushed butter fingers as well as the sliced chocolate bar



The Results

My rating of this recipe is 2 out of 5. See below for my KitKat Square recipe.

NOTE- you don’t need to use KitKat bars, feel free to use your favourite chocolate bar. Something with crunch would be nice, like a Twix bar.

KitKat Bar Recipe (for a 9X9 pan)



  • 70g butter
  • 125g brown sugar
  • 150g cookie butter
  • 175g honey
  • 90g rice krispie


  • 200g milk chocolate 
  • 70g cookie butter
  • 7 KitKat bars


  • place krispies in a large bowl (enough room to mix easily)
  • in a saucepan add butter, sugar, cookie butter and honey and heat on low
  • stir constantly until mixture is fully combined and smooth
  • add to krispies and mix until all cereal is coated
  • dump in your prepared pan (per Nadiya Bakes directions) and push down firmly to even out and compress base (I use plastic wrap sprayed slightly with baking spray)


  • melt chocolate and cookie butter in a small saucepan over low heat
  • mix until chocolate is fully melted and you have a smooth mixture 
  • pour over krispy base and place KitKat bars on top
  • rest for 1-2hrs until chocolate has firmed up and set

- cut squares with a knife that has been soaked in HOT water ( wipe knife after soaking)

- this will give you a clean cut

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