Coconut & Dulce de Leche Cream Pie

A recipe by Baking Day with Anna Olson

A New Take on Coconut Cream Pie

Our  recipe to review from A Baking Day with Anna Olson is found on page 271; Coconut & Dulce de Leche Cream Pie

I was pretty excited to make this pie, as I loved the flavour combination. I am a huge fan of coconut cream pie, and this new take with Dulce de Leche intrigued me.



A Word on Dulce de Leche

Dont make the same mistake I made with this pie. I used Bonne Maman Dulce de Leche and my pie did not set. I thought the consistency was thick enough but apparently it was not. It was driving me crazy so I did some more research and testing. See below some tips for success.

Hands down, between the three, Eagle Brand had the best flavour. It was great, with a sweet, "natural" flavour: no weird tanginess from sodium citrate and no pectin added. However, it was so thin it would just run off a spoon.

My solution to the consistency problem: boil it down, stirring constantly over medium–high heat (don't put it on high because it will catch and burn on the bottom, and if you think you are going to get pulled away from your simmering dulce de leche, best to lower the temperature of the stove or do this step later). In about 8 minutes, with constant stirring, I managed to turn the puddling liquid dulce de leche into a very thick caramel.

If you want this pie to set properly you MUST have thick Dulce de Leche per photos.






The Crust

  • I had leftover ladyfingers from making tiramisu, so I grinded them up with roughly 1/2 cup- 48 grams of toasted coconut
  • baking in a glass pie plate helps promote browning - also it is easier to see if the bottom has reached golden brown

The Filling

Follow above tips for THICK Dulce de Leche 


The Results

My rating of this recipe is 3 out of 5. It took three days in fridge to get a consistency where I could get it out of the pie plate. It ended up like a pudding. The flavour was very good, but not easy to serve. Hence the reason you don’t see a photo of the pie cut.

If you do make this pie, I suggest adding 1/4 cup- 45 grams of coconut cream to your whipping cream.

Anna’s side note on Dulce de Leche should have been MUCH clearer, as this is a KEY instruction for this pie. 

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